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Mermaid Jewelry Projects You Have to SEA

True, summertime is drawing to a close. However, that doesn’t mean that your favorite glam looks have to go away with it! After you’re finished designing these mermaid jewelry projects, you’ll sparkle and glimmer just like the sea no matter the time of year.

What’s with all of these mythical creatures trending in the makeup and fashion industry lately? From unicorn-inspired makeup products to faux mermaid swimming tails, these fictional animals have really been making a statement this year. All of these mermaid jewelry pieces are infused with shells, scaly textures, blue crystals and fish net patterns. If you’re planning your next tropical beachy getaway vacation (perhaps to escape the impending cold of autumn and winter), you’re most definitely going to want to pack these Little Mermaid inspired rings, necklaces and bracelets along with you.

What’s unique about these bejeweled DIY jewelry projects is how some include real seashells and other items found on the beach. If you have a chain and a clasp, you’ll be able to create summer jewelry on summer jewelry for days. You’ll for shore fall head over tail in love with these jewelry projects!Mermaid Jewelry Projects You Have to SEA

Iridescent Earrings: DIY Earring Patterns

These under-the-sea-inspired earrings are pearl-fection! Grab an oyster, but don’t eat it, and fish out that crisp pearl! Or, you can just buy a pack of them at your local craft store. These pearly shell earrings are the perfect touch to any summer outfit. If you’re looking for something a bit more on the wild side, these cowrie shell statement earrings are for you. Don’t be afraid to swim outside your comfort zone when creating these earrings!

Beach Bracelets: Shell-tastic Bracelet Designs

Throw a paradise party on your wrist with some of these tail-iffic DIY bracelet patterns! Throwing some gorgeous green and beautiful blue beads onto a wire or string will make a fabulous bracelet. Dive deep when you’re thinking of different mermaid-inspired patterns to incorporate into your bracelets. This DIY sea urchin bracelet is giving off major beach vibes as it shimmers in the sun. Who needs ruby red gems when you have sea foam green seed beads?

Seaside Neckties: DIY Necklaces

Necklaces are fab for your next tropical vacation because you can wear them to the beach, with your swim suit or normal summer clothes and still look as hot as the sun. The key to giving those mermaid feels to  your necklace is to use thinner chain or other material and delicate dainty beads. Starfish are a mermaid’s best friend, so while you’re making all of your other DIY necklaces, make sure to include this wire sea star pendant!

What’s your favorite mermaid-inspired jewelry piece? Let us know below in the comments!

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