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12 Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

Mother’s Day is a special holiday that means a lot to both moms and their children alike. Though not everyone has a mother, almost all of us have a special woman in our lives who we like to honor with flowers, poems, balloons, or other Mother’s Day crafts. This is especially a holiday that kids like to celebrate because they get to put their creativity to work to make something unique for their moms. Here at AllFreeKidsCrafts, we think kids should make their moms something almost entirely on their own. Moms love receiving these handmade gifts just as much as kids love making them. Instead of taking your kids to the store and hoping they’ll find something reasonably-priced, spark their creativity with these homemade gift ideas that have something for every age group.

You’ll find more than simply DIY cards in this collection. We have everything from cute handprint art to handmade photo frames that moms won’t be able to resist. She can hang her homemade gifts around the house or keep them in a special box as keepsakes to treasure for years to come. Whether your kids love cutting and pasting to make unique collage ideas or if their specialty lies in painting, your little one will find the perfect present right here. With so many printables and flower crafts to choose from, moms of all types will feel loved and appreciated.

Mother's Day Crafts

12 Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

Mother’s Day Art Projects

No Mother’s Day is complete without a handprint art project or bouquet of paper flowers. These Mother’s Day crafts for kids will inspire your little one to personalize something special for mom – in the way only a child can. With these art project ideas, you’re child will be giving mom a day she’ll never forget.

Cheerful Handprint Flowers Garden







Cheerful Handprint Flowers Garden

I Love You Mother’s Day Collage

Adorable Printable Poem for Mother’s Day

Painted Rocks to Make with Mom

Mother Nature DIY Mobile

Spring Flowers Mother’s Day Gift

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

Whether you’re looking for a cute DIY frame for your child to make, or even some hand-painted vases, Mother’s Day crafts for kids make anything possible. You won’t want to miss any of these unique ideas for DIY Mother’s Day gifts. Many of these crafts even utilize household items, which make them great recycling projects for any time of the year.

You can even use some of these crafts as fun Mother’s Day activities for a classroom setting, and have each child take home something like an I-Heart-You DIY Photo Frame to give to their moms. The kids can decorate these handmade gifts however they want, and they will surely turn out special.

I-Heart-You DIY Photo Frame








Cupcake Liner Flower Frame

Scrabble Tile Frame Art

Mother’s Day Balloon & Card

Personalized Recycled Bottle Vases

DIY Butterfly Painted Vases for Mother’s Day

I-Heart-You DIY Photo Frame

BONUS! Put your green thumb to the test with this Mother’s Day Flower Fresh Craft.

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