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15 Neat Valentine Treats for School

Valentine Treats for School

Now that our kids have their very own classmates to hand Valentines to and parties to dress in red and pink for, you may find yourself signed up for classroom holiday committees. Of course, it’s fun to make little goodies for your child to enjoy at home, but it’s even more fun when you get to share your tasty creations with a room full of eager little tummies. With this list of Valentine treats for school, you’ll have photo-worthy sweets that you’ll be proud to send your child to school with on Valentine’s Day.

Creative moms like yourself know that there’s nothing better than receiving a treat that someone has poured a lot of love into. While other kids are bringing paper Valentines and pre-wrapped candies to school, your child will be proud to hand out homemade Valentine treats to all of his or her classmates. Any of these Valentine’s Day treats for school parties (like the Simple and Sweet Valentine Treats featured below) are sure to set the classroom aglow with sweet thoughts!

Simple and Sweet Valentine Treats

Simple and Sweet Valentine Treats






Cute Valentine’s Day Treats for School

There’s no better way to bring Valentine’s smiles than handing out one of these cuties!

Quick and Easy Valentine Pops

Simple and Sweet Valentine Treats

Your Sugars’ Cookies

Precious Peppermint Heart Melts

Cupid's Candy Roses

Cupid’s Candy Roses







Whimsically Easy Valentine Treats for School

Put your child to work making these enchantingly simply sweets that kids will swoon for.

Conversation Heart Cocoa

Cupid’s Arrows Edible Craft

Cupid’s Candy Roses

Candy Collage Cookie Pops

Unexpected Candy Bracelets

Unexpected Candy Bracelets








Edible Valentine Treats to Hand Out

Check out each of these delicious Valentines that kids will be eager to gobble up.

Unexpected Candy Bracelets

Printable Lollipop Valentines

Printable Candy Necklace Cards

Chocolate Love Bug

Chocolate Love Bug






Fun Valentine Treat Ideas for School

These Valentine treats for school are the perfect way to help your little one spread some love in the classroom.

Chocolate Love Bug

Gnome Kisses

Boxy Candy Robots

Fairy Kisses

What is your favorite Valentine’s Day treat? Tell us below!