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10 New Year’s Crafts to Help you Throw the BEST Party Ever

Parties are almost as fun to throw as they are to attend. Especially when it’s a great excuse to craft, craft, and craft to your heart’s content. New Year’s Eve parties are usually glamorous, decadent events. We don’t know about you, but we like to end the year and usher in the new one with a bang! That means tons of glitter, sparkles, and champagne. However, throwing an unbelievable New Year’s Party doesn’t have to be expensive. There’s plenty of craft ideas for DIY party decorations that you can whip up for your party instead of buying everything at a big-box store. Scroll down to see our favorite, must-make New Year’s crafts, and get ready to party!

10 New Year's Crafts to Help you Throw the BEST Party Ever

First things first, to throw an amazing New Year’s Party, you’ll be needing some pretty glam-tastic and over-the-top DIY party decorations.

Try these super easy Have a Ball Party Decorations. These are crazy affordable and oh-so-simple, yet they’re still a show-stopper. Use pretty metallic tissue paper for that glamorous vibe.

Have a Ball Party Decorations

Decorate your walls with these cheap and chic Paper Foil Medallions for New Year’s Eve.

Paper Foil Medallions for New Year's Eve

Don’t stop the crafty-ness there! You can make garlands galore for cheap like this trendy New Years Eve Tassel Garland. Three words: Hang. Garlands. Everywhere.

New Years Eve Tassel Garland

Make your own fabulous booze-y craft for your party. You can easily create some Festive Hand Painted Holiday Glassware that look way more expensive than they really are.

Festive Hand Painted Holiday Glassware

Get the party really going with a fun craft idea like this New Year, New Life DIY Pinata. Fill it with awesome party prizes like candy, poppers, booze, and more booze.

New Year, New Life DIY Pinata

Also, for the countdown, serve champagne in super fancy New Years Firework Champagne Flutes. Trust us, cheap booze tastes better when you’re sipping it out of a fancy glass!

New Years Firework Champagne Flutes

Don’t let your party attendees mix up all their pretty glasses with these Sequined Cocktail Glass Collars. When in doubt, add more sparkles.

Sequined Cocktail Glass Collars

If you’re looking for a party favor or simply a festive way to stop up those bottles of booze, then make this Countdown to Midnight Bottle Stopper. It’s a super practical New Year’s craft for you and your guests!

Countdown to Midnight Bottle Stopper

When you’re throwing a party, don’t forget about having some great food, good libations, and sweet treats!

If you feel like you weren’t able to get enough glitter and shine into your party decorations, then make these Gold Shimmer Meringues. They’re super fancy-looking and delicious at the same time.

Gold Shimmer Meringues

Or, you can make these Disco Ball Chocolate Truffles as an extra sparkly and chocolate-ly delight. They’re too easy NOT to make.

Disco Ball Chocolate Truffles

And there you have it! On a budget, you can definitely craft your way to the BEST New Year’s Party ever. Even Jay Gatsby would be impressed!

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