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New Year’s Resolution: Get Organized

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For the past few weeks my craft room has seen a flurry of holiday crafting. From making cards, documenting our December in my pocket page album, and creating and embellishing gift wrap, there is paper everywhere. And tools are everywhere. And scraps are everywhere. Every flat surface is covered and most of the floor too. Nothing is where it is supposed to be and in all honesty I will probably shut the door on my craft space until the new year when “clean up and organize my space” takes it’s place on my list of New Year’s resolutions. It will not only be a good time to organize but also to assess which storage options are working and which are not and what storage am I missing.

New Year Collage

Before I run out to buy more storage for my craft room, I am going to try looking around my house to see if there is something I can repurpose. That mug rack in your kitchen may be better served in your craft room and all of those boxes holiday gifts came in can be repurposed into storage solutions to file away all of your patterned paper and card stock. Check out these storage solutions and go shop your home first.


DIY Organizing

New Year Storage 1


Coffee Mug Tree Embellishment Storage

Shoe Rack Punch Storage

Shoe Rack Clear Stamp Storage

Foodsaver Organization Sleeves

Budget Craft Storage Ideas

Shipping Box Paper Storage

Embroidery Hoop Washi Tape Storage

Jewelry Holder Ink Storage

Gift Box Card Storage


Do you have a certain supply that always seems to take over your craft space? Does your paper end up everywhere, are there stamps on every flat surface, are you always on the hunt for a stamp pad in a certain color and hey, has anyone seen my red and white chevron washi tape, I know it’s around here somewhere! Here are some simple (and inexpensive) storage solutions for the paper crafter that will ensure that everything has a place of its own.

New Year Storgae 2

Paper Storage with Video

Pocket Page Card Storage

DIY Paper Punch Storage

Acrylic Stamp Storage

Rain Gutter Stamp Storage

Foam Board Stamp Storage

Free Washi Tape Storage

Handmade Stationary Organization



Do you have a designated craft room?