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16 No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas for Kids

When I was a kid, I never was too excited about carving pumpkins. In all honesty, we could’ve not had pumpkins on the front porch, and that would’ve been fine with me. The only reason this was the case was because my parents didn’t trust me carving my own pumpkin. I’d scoop out all the pumpkin innards, which I’ll admit was pretty fun, but my dad ended up doing all the craving. I certainly agree that children shouldn’t be carving their own pumpkins, but there is a way for them to get more involved in the process this Halloween. Have them try one of these 16 No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas for Kids! All these easy pumpkin crafts can be made with paint and extra decorations. There’s no carving to them!

No Carve Pumpkin Ideas for Kids

Avoid the fuss of children asking to carve their own pumpkins by letting them get creative with paints and craft decorations. They can make some of these or turn the pumpkin into their own favorite animal or scary monster. There are so many possibilities if the kids paint their pumpkins instead of carving them. There’s no better spooky Halloween craft than having scary pumpkins on the front porch!

Pumpkin Animal Designs

Colorful Owl Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

It’s no secret that children love easy animal crafts, so why not transfer that love to pumpkin decorating. Your kids can make one of these adorable critters or come up with a design for their own favorite animal!

Spooky Pumpkin Designs

Glow in the Dark Mummy Pumpkin

Of course, it’s not really Halloween without some scary decorations! The following are some fun monster crafts for kids that will get them in the spirit of Halloween, and they won’t have to do any carving in the process.

Glitter and Shine Pumpkin Designs

Shiny Painted Pumpkins

These pumpkins won’t need a candle inside to shine brightly. With glitter and sparkles galore, your kids will love designing these fun Halloween pumpkins. It’s an especially popular Halloween craft for girls as well!

18 Painted Pumpkin Ideas: Carving Alternatives for Kids

For more no-carve pumpkin designs, be sure to check out these 18 Painted Pumpkin Ideas: Carving Alternatives for Kids!

Which design do you think your kids will want to try? Let us know below in the comments!