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One Page Interactive Mini Album Tutorial

One of the best projects I love to create is one sheet projects. I like to challenge myself to create a complete project from only one 12 x 12 paper. Today I’m sharing such a project with you!

All you need for this mini album is 1 sheet of double-sided cardstock and a Bind It All.

1. Cut four 4″ by 8″ rectangles. You can fit 4 rectangles on one page if you cut three of them horizontally and one vertically.

2. Cut one rectangle in half, so you will have two 4″ by 4″ squares.

3. Make two fold lines on one rectangle: the first on the 2″ line and the second on the 6″ line. Fold a valley fold to create two flaps.

4. Repeat on the other two rectangles.

5. Adhere the first folded rectangle to the second, back to back, applying adhesive only on the 4″ back and not on the flaps.

6. Adhere the third rectangle to the flap of the second rectangle, applying adhesive only on the flap.

7. Add the 4×4 covers on the front and back and bind.

You can use any papers you want and decide if you want to leave the flaps open or close them into pockets.

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