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Organization 101: Craft Room Storage Ideas

Are you sick and tired of having piles of crafting supplies on your fold out table? Do you feel crammed and unorganized as you’re trying to focus on crafting? Do you ever contemplate on picking up the phone and calling a cleaning service to go through your craft room? If you answered yes to any of these, you came to the right place. These craft room storage ideas are here to save the day!

Craft rooms are meant to be infused with creativity, originality, imagination, and inspirationnot a cluttered disarray. While crafting can often be messy at times, your thoughts and room should remain clear so that you can focus on your painting. From DIY storage shelves to mini desk organizing trays, your craft room will be back in tiptop shape in no time. Your craft room is about to get a whole new look thanks to these cleaning hacks!

There’s no need to pull out your wallet and hand over hundreds of dollars for a shelving unit. Customize your very own! Your craft room is your own and unique space, so make sure it reflects who you are.

Here is your step-by-step guide that contains all of your answers to your most dire organization questions.

Organization 101: Craft Room Storage Ideas

Beautiful Boxes: DIY Storage Boxes

Stacking some stylish-looking boxes will not only help by storing your stacks of paper away, but they’ll look super cute! This simple square-shaped storage solution will ensure a tidy craft room. Boxes are also great for easy access. So, if you need anything, all you have to do is pop the lid off or pull it from underneath the table and you have what you need right in front of your eyes. You can easily turn a cardboard container into a breathtaking metallic storage box! If you’re digging something a little fancier, DIY your own fabricated ottoman. Not only could this be used for storing your painting supplies, but as a seat too! DIY organizing skills have never been so easy.

DIY Denim IKEA Crate Footstool With Storage

Shelves on Shelves: DIY Storage Shelves

No need to call a handyman for any of these shelf tutorials. Create your very own set of DIY floating shelves to hold your water color paints, scissors and writing utensils. You can even go as far as giving your dresser a complete DIY makeover and turning it into some storage shelves. Shelving units are perfect for creating table and floor space. This type of storage can instantly revamp your craft room and make it look super organized.

Amazing DIY Floating Corner Shelves

Dust off the Desk: DIY Desk Organizer

When crafting, it’s sometimes helpful to have your essentials, such as scissors, pencils, and markers, right on your desk. However, you want to avoid clutter as much as possible. Well, any of these desk organizing DIY projects will leave your work space mess-free. Add some life to your desk by creating a 2-in-1 pencil and succulent holder. Adding something as simple as mason jars or copper cups will add some sugar and spice to your work space yet keep it organized.

DIY Copper Pipe Desk Organizer

What’s your favorite DIY project to keep your craft room clean? Let us know below in the comments!

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