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Ornaments For Your Ears: 12 DIY Earring Patterns for Christmas

Christmas time is all about decorating the tree and making sure to deck the halls with holiday spirit. However, your house isn’t the only thing you should be decorating this year. Why not deck yourself out in holiday spirit with some of these fabulous Christmas earrings. Trust me, these different DIY earring patterns will truly mesmerize you.

From stunning nature-inspired jewelry pieces, to gorgeous formal jewelry patterns, and unique snowflake jewelry patterns. No matter what kind of event you are going to this Christmas, you will definitely find some earring patterns to make and wear.

Plus, it is important to take pride in your appearance to any of the Christmas parties you are going to. Pair these DIY earrings with with all your other favorite Christmas jewelry pieces and look fabulous from head to toe! Here are 12 assorted Christmas earrings for you to fall in love with!

Ornaments For Your Ears: 12 DIY Earring Patterns for Christmas

Ornaments For Your Ears: 12 DIY Earring Patterns for Christmas

Christmas Nature-Inspired DIY Earrings

Spiral Evergreen EarringsStarting off, check out these different nature ornament earrings, we have you covered. Adorn your ears with some gorgeous Christmas tree patterns, wreaths, or even pine cones? This section is great for really getting into the holiday spirit while connecting with mother nature in this chilly season. Plus, there is an assortment of patterns to take you from glam to festive glam!

  1. Spiral Evergreen Earrings
  2. Jewel Tree Earrings
  3. Powdered Snow Wreath DIY Earrings
  4. Glittery Pinecone DIY Earrings

Fancy Christmas Earring Patterns

Green with Envy Dangle EarringsWho doesn’t love looking their best while seeing their family? This section will definitely keep you adorning your ears with some really glam DIY earring patterns. However, if you don’t have any fancy Christmas parties to go for, these earring patterns work great for all year round too!

  1. Green with Envy Dangle Earrings
  2. Exquisite Ornament Earrings
  3. Five Golden Rings Earrings
  4. Snow Cone Filigree Earrings

Sparking Snowflake DIY Earrings

Festive Snowflake DIY Earrings!Each and every snowflake is an extremely unique and astoundingly gorgeous pattern. These four different earring patterns are absolutely no different than that. Plus, these are great winter jewelry pieces! Whether you simply love snow or are hoping to gleam like a fresh snowfall, this will definitely be your favorite section.

  1. Festive Snowflake DIY Earrings!
  2. Winter Wonderland Snowflake Earrings
  3. Snazzy Snowflake DIY Earrings
  4. Mixed Metal Snowflake Earrings

There you have all the different earring patterns you will definitely be needing this Christmas. However, if this list was not big enough for you be sure to check out our giant Ornaments For Your Ears collection of 50 DIY Earring Patterns!

What is your favorite Christmas jewelry to wear?