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Our Painting Party with The Painted Penguin!

Here at Prime Publishing, we thrive on creativity. From our editors to our marketers, everyone seems to enjoy a little creative outlet now and then! That’s why our Painting Party with The Painted Penguin last month was such a hit. The Painted Penguin is a fabulous company that hosts canvas painting parties and other artsy events for groups to embrace their inner artist. They have locations in Fox Valley and Northbrook, IL, which was perfect for our Northbrook-based company. In fact, instructor Robin Nasatir and her assistant Victoria were kind enough to come host the event in our very own Millennium Conference Room – they even brought the supplies!

Space was a little tight in our conference room, but isn’t art supposed to bring us closer together anyway? 😉

Robin – our fearless instructor. She somehow managed to keep all 40 of us encouraged, even when our pieces weren’t turning out quite as nice as hers!

By the time our two-hour class was finished, each of us had a lovely “forest at dusk” painting to take home. And yes, there were plenty of Bob Ross references made throughout the event.

Of course, one of our marketers just HAD to incorporate his love for Batman onto the canvas 🙂

Embracing Our Styles

Robin’s guidance was the exact opposite of rigid. Rather than have us paint something that looked exactly like the canvases she was using as demonstration, she showed us a few basic painting techniques and encouraged us to embrace our own artistic styles and ways of seeing the world. Did we want a lot of magenta or no magenta at all? Did we prefer lush, branchy trees, or did we want to see the sunset peek from behind a few sparse branches? Stratus clouds or cumulus clouds? The possibilities were endless!

Very few of us had ever painted anything on canvas before, but in just two hours we had something living room-worthy. And we did it by allowing ourselves to loosen up, paint how we wanted, and have a good time.

…And a good time was certainly had by all!

Can you spot Batman? 🙂

Thanks again to The Painted Penguin in Illinois for coming out to paint with us! You can check out more photos from the event on their Facebook page. And if you’re ever in the Chicago area, be sure to give them a visit!

What is your favorite thing to paint? Tell us below!