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20 Pretty Paper Doily Crafts You Have to See

When I say doily, what comes to mind? Do you think of crocheted doilies, the kind probably made by your grandmother (or great grandmother)? Did you think of paper crafting with paper doilies? Or, do you think of the lacy paper ones that come in a variety of sizes and are most often found under your cup of coffee or dessert at a diner?

20 Pretty Paper Doily Crafts You Have to See

I love adding doilies to my scrapbook, pocket page, and other paper crafting projects. They add a bit of texture and are the perfect base for layering on embellishments. I used doilies to decorate these craft tags in this scrapbook on this scrapbook of my daughter to create consistency and repetition of pattern on the 3 tags.


The doilies I used on these DIY gift card boxes add a touch of texture and a whimsy look.


Don’t have any doilies in your craft stash? Luckily they can be found at any big box craft store and are very affordable. They come in a variety of sizes so no matter what the size of your project, there is a paper doily out there that will fit your needs. You can also find doilies seasonally in a variety of colors and shapes. My favorite is the heart shaped doilies found at Valentines, I buy enough to last all year! Scrapbook companies have picked up on the doily trend and are now making them in a variety of colors and patterns to match their paper lines. Cards, banners, wreaths, envelopes, bowls…I could go on and on as the possibilities are endless when it comes to crafting with doilies!01d10

Dyed Doilies

Dye your doilies in a rainbow of colors to match your project.


DIY Dyed Doilies

Coffee Dyed Doilies

Tea Stained Paper Doilies

Fun Folded Doilies

These simple tutorials show you how to fold doilies into your paper crafting projects.


Doily And Paper Utensil Pockets

Doily Ball Tutorial

Doily Dress Folds Tutorial

Paper Doily Envelopes

Doily Garland

Doilies Around The Home

Learn how to create fun home decor items with paper doilies.


Doily And Kraft Paper Table Runner

Paper Doily Wreath

Handmade Paper Doily Bowl

Paper Doilies Wall Art

Paper Doily Decoupage Bottle Tutorial

Party Jars

Cards & Scrapbooking Paper Doily Crafts

Ideas on how to layer doilies into your card and scrapbook projects.


Doily Flower Card

Delicate Doily Thank You Card

Doily Umbrella Card

Paper Doily Stitching Template

Paper Doily Mask

DIY Doilies From Old Books & Papers


What have you made with paper doilies lately?