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Pinwheel and Poinsettia DIY Necklace

As I child, I had a ChildCrafts book that talked about celebrations and holidays of different cultures. On one of the pages, there was a beautiful picture of a family meal on Christmas Eve. It had a gorgeous-looking chocolate yule log in the center being sliced into pinwheels as candles sparkled and poinsettias adorned the table. That image has stayed with me since and this Christmas, I wanted to create a beautiful DIY necklace inspired by that image.

Pinwheel and Poinsettia DIY Necklace

A yule log dessert is made like a log and sliced into pinwheels, so I have translated the pinwheels into a pendant using simple paper quilling. Poinsettia flowers are the bright red flowers (leaves) known as the ‘Flores de Noche Buena’ or ‘Flowers of the Holy Night’ and are used widely in Christmas decorations. To give this necklace a unique Christmas flavor, I have used red acrylic flowers, gold beads, and a clear rhinestone chain.


Tools: Nose pliers, wire cutter


1. Make the Quilled coil (use clear glue to join edges).

Pinwheel and Poinsettia DIY Necklace a) Join 2 strips of dull gold at one edge using clear glue, wrap it around a refill pen, and glue the ends.
b) Glue and wrap 3 strips of strawberry-colored strip around the gold.
c) Cover these with 2 strips of dull gold
d) Add a strip of strawberry followed by 1 strip of yellow gold, one strip of strawberry again, and one more strip of yellow gold.
e) Finish with 2 strips of copper as the outer edge of the coil

2. Make the pendant.

a) Using copper wire, wrap 3-4 times around the paper coil, and loop on top. Wrap the loop to create a bail.

Pinwheel and Poinsettia DIY Necklaceb) Liberally apply Modpodge on the back and side of the pendant. Use this to glue the rhinestone chain. Let it dry for 15 minutes. Now apply Mod podge on the front of the pendant and let dry for another 15 minutes. Your pendant is now ready to use!

3. Loop the Poinsettia flowers to create connectors.

a) Cut two pieces (five inches each) of copper wire.

b) Fold one piece in half and insert through the center hole of the flower finding and spread out the ends at the back. Bring it to the front again and pass through the center loop.

c) Make a wrapped loop with the tails on both ends; cut excess wire. Repeat steps a-c for the second connector.

Pinwheel and Poinsettia DIY Necklace4. Assemble the necklace.

a)  Add a gold bead to a length of wire, make wrapped loops on both ends while connecting one end to one flower connector and the other to the right side of the pendant.

b) Loop 3 gold beads on a piece of wire and attach one loop to the other loop of the same flower connector and the other loop to a chain link (I have used 8 inches of chain on this side).

Pinwheel and Poinsettia DIY Necklacec) Create 4 simple looped beads and convert them into a chain. Connect one end of the looped beaded chain to the quilled pendant and the other end to the second flower connector.

d) Add the remaining chain to the other end of the flower connector and finish with a clasp.

Pinwheel and Poinsettia DIY Necklace

Your Pinwheel Poinsettia necklace is now complete! I have used metallic quilling paper and Modpodge gloss to bring out the shine in my necklace, plus copper wire to add some warmth. You could choose to make it completely matte and use silver tone wire and chain instead of copper for a more cool look. Though this is a Christmas-themed necklace, it could be worn casually throughout spring and summer to add a bright splash of color to your wardrobe.

Comment below and let us know, what would you pair your necklace with?