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Jaw-Dropping DIY Wedding Centerpieces


Your jaw will be on the floor after browsing this collection of 11 DIY Wedding Centerpieces That’ll Drop Jaws. If your jaw stays on the floor for more than three hours, please consult a doctor. The suggested prescription is the craft supplies required to make your favorite centerpiece. Not recommended for women under the age of 18 (these projects will cause an urge to get married).


Centerpieces are named as such due to their principal position in the reception hall. Translation: all eyes are on them, so it’s important to feature centerpieces that wow. Whether you’re getting married or simply throwing a just-because party, centerpieces can make or break a tablescape. Guaranteed make? These DIY wedding centerpieces. They’re inexpensive, easy, and totally fabulous. They can easily be tweaked to fit your wedding theme and color scheme as well as your relationship personality. Love will be in the air with these simple wedding centerpieces that make a big impression.

Exquisitely Romantic Floating Rose Centerpiece Faux Sea Glass Mason Jar Crafts

We’re all about bringing the stress level of wedding planning down to a minimum, which is why we gladly offer this fantastic collection for free. You have enough on your plate (and bill), so we’re easing the process. This amazing, free eBook features some of the coolest DIY wedding centerpieces I’ve ever seen, including the Exquisitely Romantic Floating Rose Centerpiece and the Faux Sea Glass Mason Jar Crafts.

Beach, vintage, and rustic weddings are just a few of the wedding themes covered in this diverse book of ideas. Every bride is guaranteed to find the perfect DIY centerpiece for her celebration.

Which do you prefer: tall or short centerpieces?