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Recycled Crafts: Give new life to an old vase

Instead of relegating an old glass vase to the garage sale pile, breathe some new life into it with a beautiful silkscreen pattern and glass etching crème. Glass etching is quick and easy to do – in just minutes you’ll have a brand new vase to fill with shells or flowers or whatever you like. You can etch drinking glasses, glass bowls, or even ceramic tiles with your favorite designs, images or monograms. Any old vase can be new again with glass etching crème, making this the ultimate DIY thrify craft! An adhesive stencil or silkscreen works the best to ensure none of the crème seeps underneath where it doesn’t belong. You can also mask off sections of the glass with painter’s tape to etch stripes and other geometric shapes. Have fun personalizing all the glass in your home!



etchall® Glass Etching Crème
Mini squeegee or old credit card
Adhesive silkscreen
Painter’s tape
Protective gloves

1.  Apply the silkscreen in position on clean, dry glass. Add painter’s tape to the edges to protect more of the glass surface, especially with patterns that extend out close to the edges of the silkscreen material.

glass etching silkscreen lisa fulmer


2.  Following the manufacturer’s directions, pour a small amount of etching crème along one edge of the silkscreen. Be very careful not to allow the crème to get on any part of the glass that you do not want etched. Use the mini squeegee or an old credit card to gently scrape the crème in a thin film across the silkscreen, covering all of the desired image area.

3.  Return any excess crème on your squeegee to the jar – it’s normal for the crème to turn from white to brown over time – it’s reusable! Avoid getting the crème on your skin – if you do, rinse it off right away. Slowly and carefully peel off the silkscreen and rinse it off in the sink. Let the crème sit undisturbed on the glass for about 15-20 minutes (see image above left). I placed a couple corks on either side of the vase so it wouldn’t roll.

4.  Wipe away the residual crème from the glass with a paper towel in the sink under running water. Dry the glass and that’s it!etched vase lisa fulmer

You can repeat the process to duplicate the image like I did with this peacock feather going twice around the top of the vase (see image above right).


What do you have around the house that you can try this on?


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