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Spooky Candy Toilet Paper Roll Craft Box

Here’s an easy and fast fun project you can do with your kids! Instead of throwing away your tp rolls use them to create a Spooky Candy TP Rolls Box. You can start early and collect lots of tp rolls for lots of Spooky Candy TP Rolls Boxes so you’ll have enough for everyone who comes to trick or treat!




Spooky Candy TP Rolls Box

Step 1: paint the tp rolls in Halloween colors. I used orange and green but you can also use black, yellow and purple.




Step 2: While the paint is drying create the eyes. Punch little circles from a black cardstock. Use a white Sharpie pen to draw white circles in the center. You can also use red cardstock or even ready made googly eyes.




Step 3: Attach the eyes and other face parts you created to the tp roll. You can cut a mouth with teeth from the black cardstock or draw it with a black pen.




Step 4: once your spooky monsters are ready fold the top and bottom of the tp roll to form the box. If you want to fill it with candy open the top and then close it.

You don’t have to use these spooky monsters as boxes. if you don’t fold them they can be a table decorations or party favors!

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