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26 Sports Arts and Crafts for Kids

Have you ever met a kid who didn’t like running around outside? Whether it’s with a ball or not, kids just love to show off their energy in various outdoor activities and sports arts and crafts. Athletics are definitely a big part of growing up, regardless of the type of game chosen. If you’re like me, you weren’t very good with running and tackling but loved to be on a team and learn new skills.

The great thing about these sports arts and crafts is that they take children’s passion for games and turns it into creative activities. Do you have a child who loves DIY games? Help them make their very own bowling set! Does your child love learning new art techniques? Check out our ideas for stamping crafts! Are you looking for ways to get rid of some of that duct tape? Give some sports-themed duct tape crafts a try. If you’ve been wanting to introduce your son or daughter to a new activity, sports crafts for kids are a great place to start. It’s impossible for the kids to be bored when there are so many cool projects for them to create.

Sports Arts and Crafts for kids

Football Craft Ideas

Who doesn’t like kicking back on the couch and cheering for your favorite team with your son or daughter? Football season is just about here. This means that it’s the perfect time to get your team pride shining and pick out the perfect football craft to make with your little ones. If you’re wondering where to start, this Rumble and Tumble Football Craft is just messy enough to be made in true football spirit, and it’s perfect for any age. Once you’ve got those creative juices flowing, you can check out the entire list!

Baseball Crafts

Football, although exciting, wasn’t always the most popular sport around. If running and tackling isn’t really your kid’s style, you can still spark their interest in athletics with these baseball crafts. Baseball doesn’t involve as much contact, and it moves at a slower pace, so it’s perfect for kids who love thinking strategically, working as a team, and not getting too dirty. For those kids, you’ll find that these sports craft ideas are a true home run.

Other Sports Arts and Crafts

If your children like sports but prefer ones that aren’t as “traditional,” you’ll love this collection of extra sports arts and crafts for kids. These sporty projects fit any skill level and range from bowling to swimming, so you’re sure to find one that fits your son or daughter’s interests.

What’s your favorite sport? Tell us below!

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