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17 Spring Jewelry Designs that are Giving Us Life

Ahh, March is here! That means we’re in the final days of winter and Spring is officially on the way. We’ll have sunny days and lots of lovely warm weather to look forward to in the coming months. Everyone marks the changing of the seasons in their own way. Some people take to running or biking outside to enjoy the fresh air. For those of us who aren’t as active, a leisurely stroll or simply reading a good book outdoors is enough to enjoy the warm weather. But if you’re anything like us crafty crazies over at CraftPaperScissors, you can’t let the seasons pass without creating something magical to celebrate it!

Spring Jewelry Designs

This month, we’re choosing to celebrate spring by creating beautiful projects to proudly wear. These 17 Spring Jewelry Designs will announce to the world that winter is officially over. Gone are the scarves and mittens that would cover our necks and wrists. Now, our necks and wrists are bare, and we will proudly adorn them with all of the pretty spring jewelry pieces that we can get our hands on!

When we say that this collection of spring jewelry designs will give you life, we are not kidding. There’s something about creating a brand new piece of gorgeous jewelry that really sparks your creativity. And to be able to wear that new creation and hear your friends and family compliment you on your artistic ability – well, that truly takes the cake.

So celebrate spring and start creating! We are sure that you’ll find a piece in this collection that will truly give you life. ūüôā

Spring into these Stunning Spring Jewelry Designs!


Beautiful Bracelet Patterns

Burst of Color Crystal and Pearl Bracelet Buzzworthy Bee Cuff

Sweet Addictive Woven Crystal Bracelet

Bordered Chevron Friendship Bracelet Pattern

Secret Garden Beaded Bracelet

Sherbert Pearl DIY Bracelets

Coiled Wire Daisy Bracelet

Buzzworthy Bee Cuff (shown)


Note-Worthy Necklace Patterns

Chained Flower Cross Necklace Bring May Flowers Necklace

Sugar Pop Necklace

Quick Coral Statement Necklace

Glowing Garden Pearl Necklace

Bird’s Nest Pendant

Bring May Flowers Necklace (shown)


Extraordinary Earring Patterns

Colorful Crystal Waterfall Drops Lacy Crochet Hoops

Gorgeous Glass Beaded Cross Earrings

Dipped in Gold Lace Earrings

Lacy Crochet Hoops (shown)


Bonus! Even More Spring Jewelry Fashions

How to Make Jewelry for Spring

Spring Forward: 37 Spring Jewelry Designs


Comment below and let us know – what spring jewelry trends are you most excited about?