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The Letter of the Day: Monogram Crafts

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Oversized monogram letters . . . they seem to be everywhere! You’ve seen them on Pinterest and in almost every home décor store. They are a creative way to personalize a gallery wall or mantle: simply add your family members’ initials or maybe some punctuation like the ever-popular ampersand. You can find cardboard and wood monograms in most home décor and craft stores, but if you are anything like me (frugal, on a budget), why buy one when you can make one for next to nothing with items you probably already have around the house? In just a few easy steps you can create the letter of your choice, and then comes the hard part: deciding how to embellish it! You can make your letter as ornate or as simple as you like, whatever fits your style.


Step 1: Create a Cardboard Monogram

Cardboard Letter

These tutorials will show you how to easily create the DIY oversized letter of your choice. Using household items like cereal boxes and cardboard, you will create your letter and then have a clean slate on which to add embellishments or paper of your choice. Make one to add to a wall collage of framed pictures, or make a statement by creating a collage with the whole alphabet.

Cereal Box Letters

Cardboard Letters

Paper Mache Letters

Decorative Letter Tutorials

Cardboard Box Letters


Step 2: Get Creative

Decorate the Monograms

Now that you have created the letter(s) of your choice, it’s time to get crafty and embellish them! As paper crafters, you probably have everything on hand that you will need. Raid your craft stash for patterned paper, washi tape, or whatever else strikes your fancy. Grab a craft knife and some adhesive and you are ready to go!

Washi Tape Wall Art

Patterned Paper Letter Wall

Tissue Paper Monogram Letter

Faux Metal Wall Letter

Whimsical Wall Décor


Letter Perfect

Monogram Ideas

These last four ideas were too good not to share. One does involve the use of power tools, but the end result of a monogram created from a vintage book is too fun not to try!

Quilled Paisley Monogram

DIY Book Letters

Altered Book Monogram

Summer Monogram Sign



Have you decorated with a monogram in your home?