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The ULTIMATE Holiday Gift Guide: What to Get Your Friends and Family for the Holidays

Wish your friends, family, dogs, cats, fish and whomever else a Merry Christmas with these DIY gift ideas!

It’s assumed by many that the best Christmas presents are the most expensive and luxurious items out on the market. But on the contrary my dear old friend, I believe handmade gifts are truly the best ones that your friends and family won’t ever forget. From DIY soap bars to a stunning hand strung beaded bracelet, the gift ideas are endless.

All you need to do to make these gifts is get your creative juices flowing! No one knows your closest fam and bffs more than you do, so with that in mind, make them something you know they’ll love and use for a long time.

The holidays are all about spending time with your loved ones. To show them your love and appreciation, whip some some of these creative DIY presents.

The ULTIMATE Holiday Gift Guide: What to get Your Friends and Family for the Holidays

Bath and Body Relaxation Basket

You can never go wrong with giving your friends a spa day in a basket. Stock your gal pals up on their favorite scented oils, bath bombs and soaps. There’s no better gift than giving them the supplies they need to have a relaxing afternoon. Customizing the DIY bath products with colors, scents and packaging will make these gifts 10x more special than if you were to pick them up at the mall. Including these homemade bath bombs in a cute wicker basket with a bow on top is the best gift a girl can ask for.

Home Decor Galore

Picture frames, wall art and coffee table centerpieces are fabulous gift items that everyone will enjoy. Many home decor items can be expensive, but if you put a little DIY twist on a thrifted piece , you can make it look just as good as those high priced store bought pieces. Take a little trip down to your thrift store and purchase a frame, spray paint it and put a colorful picture in there. It’s amazing how a paint job can completely transform a piece of furniture!

Paper Craft Projects

Looking for the perfect inexpensive holiday present? Grab some computer paper and scissors and get to snippin’. Paper isn’t just for jotting down notes or printing out your homework on. You can make gift boxes, tags and home decor crafts with just a few sheets of paper. Never underestimate the power of paper! You can create intricate and stunning details if you learn how to paper quill. From paper bouquets of flowers to papier-mâché pots and planters, these homemade gift ideas are spectacular.

What’s your go-to DIY gift?