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10 DIY Washi Tape Ideas

If I was forced to pick a favorite go-to supply in my craft room, then I would pick Washi Tape every time. I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of Washi Tape ideas throughout the crafting world recently. A few years ago, it was tricky to find; you could find it on Etsy through a few sellers and in other corners of the internet if you searched hard enough. Even then, you were usually ordering it from overseas and shipping would take weeks. Fast forward a few years and Washi Tape is everywhere! Most companies that produce scrapbook supplies design Washi Tape to coordinate with their lines each season. It can now be found in every chain crafting store and even in the crafting departments of big box stores like Target and WalMart.

10 DIY Washi Tape Ideas

Images courtesy of (from left to right): mama miss.com and brit.co


10 DIY Washi Tape Ideas

So, you may be wondering: 1) What is Washi Tape and 2) Why do I need some? Washi is a type of paper made in Japan so Washi Tape is paper tape. For a product made of paper fibers, it is surprising strong. Not strong enough to be used for home improvement projects (don’t try to use it to repair your pipes, save that job for duct tape!), it’s definitely strong enough to be used for home decor and crafting projects. It is semi-transparent and is easy to remove and reposition on your projects. If you don’t already have some in your crafting stash, then here are a few reasons you should pick some up:

1. It comes in almost every color and pattern imaginable. My daughter and I were thrilled to recently find Totoro Washi Tape!

2. It comes in a verity of widths: from super skinny to rolls that are a couple inches wide, and it’s easy to find Washi Tape in the perfect size for all of your projects.

3. You can use it on any crafting project such as paper crafts, bookmarks, garlands, a cell phone cover, and even wall decor! There’s no end to the ways you can use Washi Tape.

4. It’s inexpensive, easy to find, and easy to store in your craft room. Below, check out some fun, DIY ideas on how to store your tape because once you start buying it, you will find you can’t stop!

Image courtesy of kelleymorrison.com

Image courtesy of kelleymorrison.com


Washi Tape Organization

Shutter Washi Tape Storage

Washi Tape Dispenser

Embroidery Hoop Washi Storage

Now that you know all about Washi Tape, here are 10 of my favorite projects to get you started:

Image courtesy of paperandpin.com

Image courtesy of paperandpin.com


Easy Washi Tape Cards

Homemade Locker Accessories

Washi Tape DIY Gift Boxes

Washi Tape Paper Beads

How To Print on Washi Tape

Washi Tape Bracelets

Washi Tape Wrapped Glass

Make Your Own Washi Tape

Paperclip Flags

Washi Keyboard


How many rolls of Washi Tape do you have?