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Waste Not, Want Not: 12 Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas

Being able to transform trash into something beautiful never gets old. For this reason, recycled crafts make for some lovely surprises. You’ve probably seen countless posts on recycled crafts in general. However, there are so many different ways to upcycle plastic bottles they wouldn’t all fit into one post. With these Waste Not, Want Not: Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas you’ll see just how worthy recycled plastic bottles really are!

We all have them at some point or another, and chances are they end up in the recycling bin without a second thought. However, you’re in for a pleasant surprise with these recycled plastic craft ideas that will completely change the way you think about water bottles and soda containers. Save the environment and your wallet one plastic bottle craft at a time!

Plastic Bottle Flowers

Make these cute plastic bottle flowers for your backyard patio or home as whimsical summer decorations that will bring any space back to life after a long, dark winter. These flowers are kid-friendly and you’ll find ways to use the entire plastic bottlelabel and all. Make your flowers as simple and elegant or as colorful and funky as you want!

Summer Decor Plastic Bottle Crafts

Get your home ready for the warm weather and summer sunshine with these DIY home decor crafts made from plastic bottles. I know, I know. Plastic bottles don’t seem like they could ever be turned into anything worthy of putting in your home. You’ll be surprised at how stunning recycled bottles can be with a little time and effort in this selection of plastic bottle craft ideas. No one will ever even know that your gorgeous wall vase was once a measly plastic bottle.

Gardening Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas

These plastic bottle gardening crafts are so simple to make, and they’ll instantly enhance your at-home garden so you can enjoy it all summer long. Make easy garden supplies for watering your precious flowers or a lovely bird-feeder to bring their beautiful songs right to your backyard. If you don’t already have a garden then make a mini garden in a bottle that’s just as pretty and will last all throughout the year!

Garden in a Bottle

Have a blast making all your favorite plastic bottle crafts this summer! And, of course, don’t forget to let your creativity shine with these recycled crafts. Use your new plastic bottle summer decor as splendid party decorations for a tropical celebration, and get your kids crafting with any of the plastic bottle flower ideas for an enjoyable summer activity you can do together.

How do you upcycle plastic bottles? Let us know in the comments below!

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