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Zodiac Sign Inspired Wedding Themes

The Zodiac sign trend is one of the greatest things to hit the Internet ever. I am obsessed with it. Even though I know it’s not real and everything is worded just vaguely enough for anyone to be able to relate, I can’t help but enthusiastically click on every Zodiac-related post I come across. What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Love Life? Clicked that one. How Astrology Affects Your Personal Style? Read it. What Shampoo Brand Should You Use Based on Your Zodiac? Okay, I made that one up, but I would still totally read it.

If you’re like me and you can’t get enough of horoscope-based lists, then you’re going to love this: wedding themes based on your Zodiac sign. You don’t have to be engaged to start planning your wedding (though it helps if you are), and you will find plenty of inspiration here. Even if you’re already set in your wedding theme, it can be fun to see which kind of wedding you should have thrown. Plus, you can draw ideas from the entire list, whichever theme suits your fancy, since each theme also includes a couple crafts to get you started.

Zodiac Sign Inspired Wedding Themes

Adventurous Aries: Travel Themed Wedding

Tap into your inner explorer with this globe-trotting theme.

Forgotten and Found Vintage Wedding VasesHipster Taurus: Vintage Wedding

As a Taurus, you’re not a fan of change, so why not hearken back to a simpler time with some old-fashioned touches?

Chic Gemini: Retro Wedding

You’re a savvy bride who wants to bring some mid-century modern vibes to your swanky wedding.

Sweet Cancer: Traditional Wedding

You’re a sucker for romance, so you see no reason to alter the time-honored classics when it comes to your wedding.

Dramatic Leo: Roaring 20s Wedding

Let your creative side loose with this Gatsby wedding theme.

Beautiful Basic Birdcage Veil

Classy Virgo: Simple Wedding

You like things that are uncomplicated, which is why a minimalist wedding is exactly what you need.

Graceful Libra: Floral Wedding

Embrace your inner socialite with a regal garden wedding.

Passionate Scorpio: Enchanted Forest Wedding

You deserve to have a fairytale wedding, so why not go all-in with the enchanted theme?

Spirited Sagittarius: Beach Wedding

Only the ocean can match your spirited energy, making the beach your perfect wedding destination.

Antique Tea Crates

Sensible Capricorn: Rustic Wedding

A picturesque country wedding fits your down-to-Earth nature perfectly.

Independent Aquarius: Boat Wedding

You’ve always devoted all your energy to causes you really care about, so picking a very specific theme, like a nautical wedding, will play to your strengths.

Dreamy Pisces: Fairy Wedding

You already live in your own dream world, so why not make your wedding a true fantasy?

Did you agree with your Zodiac sign’s wedding theme?

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